Our Purpose


The International Simulation Alliance has been formed to provide a forum to fulfil three main objectives:

1.       For users of simulation to share research, simulation technologies and experience

2.       For simulation developers to promote their technologies and also share latest research and development advancements

3.       For users and developers to engage together in rich dialogue to further advance simulation as an enabler across a wide range of industry sectors




The Founder and Managing Director, Alisha Fisher, has created the International Simulation Alliance following her experience in past roles whereby she assisted companies all across Australia to grow, develop, and export. She is a true believer that the “Future is Simulation” and we all need to be providing fellow users the support tools and a network to understand the full capacity. The Asia Pacific Simulation Alliance Pty Ltd is trading as the International Simulation Alliance.


Alisha was formerly the Chief Executive Officer for Simulation Australia, and during her three and a half years, she was able to bring together industry, academia and government to work collaboratively as one and built the professionalism of the Association. Prior to Simulation Australia, she was the Chief Executive Officer (SA/NT) and National Coordinator for the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce. For over ten years there, she re-branded and grew the organisation, strengthened its relationships with Government, Academia and Corporate through liaising with large and small businesses through industry-focussed bi-lateral trade missions and business introductions; Professional Event Management Services; Business to Business Networking, and consistent attention to connecting people and partnerships with high-level industry leaders.


Chair, International Simulation Alliance Advisory Panel


John Illgen is a pioneer in the establishment of Modeling and Simulation in the Defense System Acquisition Process. Mr. Illgen has developed and applied models and simulations to the defense, civil and commercial communities. Formerly Sector Director, Modeling and Simulation for Northrop Grumman Information Systems (NGIS), he is responsible for injecting simulation technologies across NGIS and, recently assisting across all sectors, developing and applying Modeling and Simulation by fostering DoD, Industry, Academic Best Simulation Practices and Technologies. He has managed the development of online processes to maintain a library of models, simulations, M&S points of contact, and other resources to further foster the use and rapid application of M&S.


John has a national and international reputation for his Modeling and Simulation experience and leadership in a broad spectrum of technical domains that include Network Enabled Systems, Communications, Architectures, Information Systems, Threat Evaluations, Command and Control, Sensors, and Weapons Systems. Recently he has been focusing his M&S expertise on both Cyber Security, Concept of Operations (CONOPS) and training.



The Growth of Simulation


Modelling and Simulation (M&S) technologies are rapidly emerging for learning and decision making. Simulation users across the world have many questions for the exciting challenges they are facing:

·       How do I build my return on investment for modelling and simulation?

·       What skills are required to run our simulations?

·       Can I utilise simulation in stages throughout my business?

·       How do I avoid costly mistakes?

·       What decision making can be made through modelling?

·       Is modelling and simulation the way of the future?

·       How do I maximise my simulation utilisation to get the highest efficiency?


The International Simulation Alliance is designed to provide a home for the answers to these and other questions.