APSA has been invited by the Aerospace Maritime Defence and Security Foundation of Australia to convene a mini simulation conference at CivSec 2018. This Simulation Conference will focus on improving planning, training and rehearsal of procedures central to policing, homeland security, border protection, emergency management, and disaster response.



The Simulation Conference has been convened for the CIVSEC audience of security professionals and practitioners, technologists, scientists, researchers, policy makers, officials and executives from national and state departments, agencies, commissions, services and first responders.

An exclusive presentation will be held on LIVE (reality-based) training and mission rehearsal, and a panel address on the range of simulation techniques and capabilities from decision support, LVC, games/AR/VR, and experimentation.

Simulation and modelling technical demonstrations will be held by industry and academia to showcase the latest in tactical and procedural training within the CIVSEC 2018 exhibition. Opportunities are available for technical demonstrations .

Please refer to the below and the CivSec website for exhibition details.

Mini simulation conference sponsorship opportunities are available. Please contact Alisha Fisher, Managing Director, APSA direct on regarding sponsorship. Free of charge to attend, the Simulation Conference is open to accredited registered professional visitors to CIVSEC 2018. Places are limited and pre-registration is recommended with pre-registration now available via our website here.

Program is convened by Dr Teresa Crea, Development Lead - Simulation, Visualisation & Immersive Technology, University of New South Wales and Dyan Moore, Managing Director, CombatFX & Pride Studios Pty Ltd


Tuesday 1 May – DAY ONE

Meeting Room, Exhibition Hall 1, MCEC (Session held again Thursday to enable all to attend)  

Meet at Simulation Demonstration Area, Concourse Foyer, MCEC
As a group, visit exhibition booths who are demonstrating simulation capability.

Meet at Simulation Demonstration Area, Concourse Foyer, MCEC
As a group, visit exhibition booths who are demonstrating simulation capability.


Wednesday 2 May – DAY TWO (Plenary)

1015-1035 - TECHNICAL DEMONSTRATION - Zirkarta
Simulation Demonstration Area, Concourse Foyer, MCEC
Presenter: Dylan Kendall
Zirkarta enables geographically dispersed trainees and instructors to collaborate, using a map, in a unified training scenario in real time. It is applicable to training in planning to operations in any industry including policing, homeland security, border protection, emergency management and disaster response.

Simulation Demonstration Area, Concourse Foyer, MCEC
Presenter: Anita Byrnes
Forum8 develops 3D virtual reality simulation software, for urban planning and transport visualization, and for driving simulation in research and driver training. Case studies of use in driver training, including emergencies, and in evacuation simulation using VR for a road tunnel fire and chemical plant fire will be discussed.

Presentations on how our guest speakers use simulation to train with field/full-scale exercise - live vs virtual - followed by a panel on how the speakers believe interoperability can be achieved better.

Dr Alan Ryan, Executive Director, Australian Civil-Military Centre (ACMC)
Dr Alan Ryan is the Executive Director of the Australian Civil-Military Centre. He was previously the Principal of the Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies at the Australian Defence College. Prior to this appointment he was the Senior Adviser to the Minister for Defence, Senator the Hon Robert Hill. In that role, he was responsible for advising the Minister on intelligence, operations, strategic and international issues. He has also worked as a consultant, providing consultancy services on strategy, security and crisis management to clients that included Australian government departments, the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Department of Peacekeeping Operations in the United Nations.

Mr Paul Durston Superintendent, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, Executive Manager Specialist Advisory Management.
Prior to becoming the Executive Manager Specialist Advisory Management, Paul held a number of senior roles with QFES, including Area Commander and Zone Commander in Brisbane Region, Manager of the State Operations Centre and Executive Manager State Operational Coordination Branch. Paul's operational experience has seen him manage local, region and state coordination centres during major floods and fires in Queensland and also interstate in New South Wales and Victoria. Paul's current position is located at the School of Fire and Emergency Services Training and manages training across Auxiliary staff, Community Safety, Fire Communications, Officer Development and Virtual Reality. Paul's career started as a firefighter in Brisbane Region in 1999 when he worked his way to Station Officer performing roles in Training, Community Safety and Frontline Management. This foundation has provided Paul with the operational experience and business acumen to deliver contemporary training across QFES.

1410-1430 - TECHNICAL DEMONSTRATION - Real Response
Simulation Demonstration Area, Concourse Foyer, MCEC
Presenter: Motti Blum
Real MCI is a training platform for first responders at a Mass Casualty Incident providing the experience of being first on the scene after a bus was deliberately rammed into a hotel lobby. Through the virtual experience first responders can practice triaging victims; assessing victims; and applying basic interventions and triage tags.

Presentations on the range of simulation techniques and capabilities our guest speakers use from decision support, LVC, games/AR/VR, and experimentation followed by a panel discussion.

Dr Justin Fidock, Project Lead Contested Urban Environment Strategic Challenge, Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG)
Dr Justin Fidock Project Leader Contested Urban Environment Strategic Challenge Defence Science and Technology Group Dr Fidock has a Master of Psychology (Organisational) and a PhD in Business Information Systems. Since mid-2017 Dr Fidock has served as the Project Leader for the multi-national Contested Urban Environment (CUE) Strategic Challenge (SC). His work in support of this challenge culminated in the conduct of a large Defence technology trial in Adelaide in late 2017. This trial used a combination of live and simulated activities to support approximately 100 Defence personnel and 80 researchers in exploring how the integration of a number of emerging technologies could enhance intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities of tactical land forces in future CUE. Prior to becoming the Project Leader for CUE SC, Dr Fidock has provided leadership and undertaken collaborative research in human-robotic interaction, exploitation of simulation to support concept exploration and applied cognitive science research, and evaluation of Enterprise level and tactical information systems and land vehicle systems. Justin is a strong advocate for and supporter of partnering with academia and industry and enjoys working on complex science and technology problems that require multi-disciplinary approaches.

Emre Deniz, Director - Opaque Space, Opaque Media Group
Emre Deniz is the CEO of Opaque Space and is one of the first developers of consumer VR in Australia. He is internationally recognized for his work in Virtual Reality, having been previously named by MCV Pacific 30 Under 30 award list as 'one of the most influential figures in VR in Australia'. Emre has since appeared as an industry expert alongside NASA, the US Navy, McLaren, Boeing, Epic among many others to help shape the industry as it is today. In the past 5+ years, Emre has been involved in various VR/AR productions with clients and collaborators ranging from NASA, HTC, Epic, Google to domestic parties such as the Melbourne Fringe Festival and ACMI. Having previously worked as a key developer in the award winning Virtual Dementia Experience which put Australia's VR capabilities into a global stage at the Microsoft Imagine Cup, Emre has steered Opaque Space into forming one of the world's first and only dedicated VR/AR astronautics technology company, with partnerships with entities such as HTC, Epic, NASA, Noitom among others.

Major Kristy Hudson, Supply Chain Branch, Joint Logistic Command, Australian Army
Major Kristy Hudson is a logistics officer of the Australian Regular Army. Her military career includes deployment to Syria as a United Nations Military Observer, command of a Logistics Support Squadron, conducting Operational Test & Evaluation for land capability and a posting Senior Instructor at the Army School of Logistic Operations, teaching advanced logistic planning and decision making. In addition to a Master of Capability Management completed through the University of New South Wales in 2016, she holds a Master of Business Law from the University of Sydney (2011), a Bachelor of Commerce from University of Queensland (1996) and is an accredited instructor and training developer. Her technical paper entitled “A prototype simulation model for army logistics training” was presented to the 2017 International Symposium for the International Council on Systems Engineering. She is currently posted to Joint Logistics Command.


Thursday 3 May – DAY THREE

0930-0950 - TECHNICAL DEMONSTRATION - Bohemia Interactive Australia
Booth 1A11. Exhibition Hall 1, MCEC
Bohemia Interactive will showcase some of the latest features of VBS3 18 (newly released) with an emphasis on scene management of emergency and defence capabilities in a complex urban environment - a shopping centre, train station and human pattern of life.

1015-1035 - TECHNICAL DEMONSTRATION - Manuka Projects and Urban Circus
Simulation Demonstration Area, Concourse Foyer, MCEC
Presenters: Martin Skin and Urban Circus Staff An Urban Circus Model is built from accurate geospatial data for smart city or other planning. Urban Circus processes the spatial data to create high performance (very fast) City Models for you to experience from the human scale. Civil security agencies could operationally benefit from these models.  

Meeting Room, Exhibition Hall 1, MCEC (Session held earlier on Tuesday to enable all to attend)  


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CIVSEC 2018 will be the essential event for professionals in civil security. International in relevance, but with focus on Australia and the Indo-Asia-Pacific region, its scope is comprehensive.

CIVSEC 2018 encompasses the broad spectrum of civil security, policing, homeland security, border protection, resource and infrastructure protection, emergency management, disaster response and humanitarian assistance, providing an integrated international forum and a comprehensive industry showcase for professional and business engagement and the promotion of technological capability.

CIVSEC 2018 builds on the outstanding success of the inaugural event in 2016 which was the Indo-Asia-Pacific's first broad-based forum, and the region's first comprehensive convention, for discussing ideas, sharing expertise, networking and engagement among officials, professionals and industry in the vital business of protecting people, infrastructure, resources and communities.

Combining an international industry and technology exhibition, high-level stakeholder strategic summits and a congress of specialist conferences and symposia, CIVSEC 2018 will bring together leaders and decision-makers, policy-makers and advisers, managers and officials, operational professionals, technical specialists, strategists and academics, researchers and consultants, technology developers and industry suppliers.

As a centrepiece international congress and exhibition, the opportunities for professional and business engagement at CIVSEC 2018 will be considerable. In addition to hosting senior government, NGO, and industry delegations from Australia, the Indo-Asia-Pacific region and around the world, CIVSEC 2018 will attract a broad range of security, emergency-response and humanitarian-assistance professionals, officials and trade visitors at all levels. CIVSEC 2018 is the essential civil security event!

The CIVSEC 2018 Congress will be conducted concurrently with the CIVSEC 2018 Exposition over three days (from Tuesday 1 May 2018 to Thursday 3 May 2018). Hosting a suite of parallel major conferences, the CIVSEC 2018 Congress will cover the spectrum of national and civil security issues and associated technological developments. Attendance at the conferences is free-of-charge to registered accredited professional attendees. However, some conferences are by invitation only. Capacity at all conferences is limited and pre-registration is recommended.

Each conference program is scheduled, wherever practicable, to maximise a "mix-and-match" approach to sessional attendance and to minimise "back-to-back" sessions, allowing participants to move across conference streams (and to move between concurrent conferences), to visit the exposition and to engage with industry on the exhibition floor, as well as networking with colleagues and contacts.


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